Rex. My neighbors pup, is no longer with us. I did this painting (and all the dog paintings) a long time ago and kept it because I liked it, and loved Rex. But now it is time to give it to my neighbors as a 35th wedding anniversary gift. Rex was one of a kind, a big dog in a little dog’s body.


2 more of Rex. (He was not 3 legged, may need to give him another leg!)


Maquah and Axel
Axel’s tag needs to be straightened!

Tag says: BILL 18 BLIND
It was supposed to say: BILL IS BLIND
Travis, Love o’ my life

Made this solar plate print in Beth Kerschen’s Studio
And yes it is true, Travis had his own BLOG.

This is Ted’s Version of Travis



Working on this one.   

Shadow’s Shadow
CopperPlate Etching • Intaglio, Aquatint
2017    paper size:  7″ x 6″