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Guardino Gallery

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Donna Guardino @ Guardino Gallery
Steve @ Framing Resource
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It is a weird time to have a show, but if you are in Portland, the gallery is set up for social distancing, and very inviting.
You can also see the show online @ Guardino Gallery, and if you have a chance to take a look—either way, I hope it will make you smile.
Thank you!
I hope all is well with you.

AUGUST 27, 2020





     I met Keir When I worked at sanrio. He drew this picture of my dog Travis before he even met him. ThAT sealed the deal, Total buddies.
So lucky to have known you.
This is keir with Mr Socks. if there is a heaven I
Hope they are together.

I sent this photo of Shadow to JANE and we received this amazing painting for Christmas.


this is the SHADOW painting I have been working on, not finished.

Sauvie Island

Sauvie Island Cows, not finished.

Needs to be varnished, and some other finishing touches . . .
Pussy Willow House
oil on wood
2018 • 12.75″ x 12.75″

shows I AM INTERESTED IN Seeing in portland this month:
augen gallery
Paintings and Drawings
russolee gallery
Fay Jones


This doggie-guy named Lincoln was staring at me at the Jazz Fest the other eve in St Johns, PDX. He is a people magnet. I did everything I could to resist him, but as he was leaving I got to say hello.

With the help of Brad, this one is finally looking better.


For Anna and Mariah

Chipmunk & Baby
2014, Copperplate Etching
Aquatint Intaglio
8.5” x 11” (paper size)
2017, Copperplate Etching
Aquatint, Intaglio
8” x 7.25” (paper size)


New wood to paint on      

Martin Puryear and Mark Pascal have the same initials. My friend Mark Pascal compiled and wrote MARTIN PURYEAR / MULTIPLE DIMENSOINS, about the wonderful sculptor, Martin Puryear’s work as a consummate printmaker.


We did it!
Anna Gross, my Mysterious (and new) Friend had our opening at Firecat Projects Friday eve.

Anna, Stan Klein (Gallery Director), and Fran.
Photo by Mariah Karson

L to R: First 3 are Anna’s, last 2 are mine.

Barb bought the bunny: Pussy Willow House.*

Pussy Willow House
2017, Copperplate Etching
Aquatint Intaglio
paper size: 8” x 7.25”    Frame size: 8″ x 10″

SOLD to Joan and Ernie!

3 • Raccoon, Chipmunk Squirrel
2016, Oil on Wood

21” x.6” Triptict

This one is waiting for you, you know you want it.   

Oil on wood, 2017
8” x 8.5”

Good ol’ pals (and a new pal with the cubs hat.)

Ella, the Assistant Gallery Director added to my happy experience at Firecat, and in Chicago.

Hello Chicago!


Chicago Graffiti. Art for all.

Ol’ stomping grounds. AIC: Art Institute of Chicago.

The Gauguin Show  


Saul Steinberg Exhibition at the AIC


Ol’ Favs.  

From the American Folk Art Gallery at AIC.

Atticus from Carl Hammer Gallery

*I was asked for the story behind this image, making me think.

Pussy Willow House is the 4th in a series of prints and paintings of women in white dresses with animals. This series came after another series I did with women and animals, although the women were nudie! I did not want the focus to be on the nudie-ness of this new series, so I put them in white dresses.

What is it about? Safety comes to mind. Are women ever truly safe? Is the bunny a man? Is a house made of Pussy Willow’s a safe place? I love Pussy Willow’s, they are soft and furry, like a bunny, but the word “Pussy” strikes a nerve.

And as always, “L’amour, l’amour, toujour l’amour!” Who wouldn’t be in love with a bunny dancing with you like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers? Is loving an animal taboo? Is a woman being the size that fits into a bunny’s arms a dream come true?