This doggie-guy named Lincoln was staring at me at the Jazz Fest the other eve in St Johns, PDX. He is a people magnet. I did everything I could to resist him, but as he was leaving I got to say hello.

With the help of Brad, this one is finally looking better.


For Anna and Mariah

Chipmunk & Baby
2014, Copperplate Etching
Aquatint Intaglio
8.5” x 11” (paper size)
2017, Copperplate Etching
Aquatint, Intaglio
8” x 7.25” (paper size)


New wood to paint on      

Martin Puryear and Mark Pascal have the same initials. My friend Mark Pascal compiled and wrote MARTIN PURYEAR / MULTIPLE DIMENSOINS, about the wonderful sculptor, Martin Puryear’s work as a consummate printmaker.