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NIEghbor’s Agave

Cows @ SAuvie Islaind

SHeep @ SAuvie Islaind

Red rose • Rose Garden

PINK rose • Rose Garden

2021 British Car Show • Sunbeam Yiger

2021 British Car Show• Austin heally

OVM ORegon Vintage Motorcycles • Norton coMmando

OVM ORegon Vintage Motorcycles • DUCATI


Neighbor Leaving

blueberry, strawberry, raspberry


Lemon Poppy Seed with blueberries

New BLUE collar, Lookin’ good and A BIT ROUND.

Off Saint john’s briDge


Made this yesterday. It will be gone by tomorrow!
Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry


The last couple of weeks have been surreal. Fires everywhere.
Found these paintings I did in 2002.
Where did the animals go in the fires?

I hope it is OK, this IS off the internet.
I don’t know who they are.

Found this pic of little Mr. Tuff-Tuff.

8 yrs old on Oct 2, 2020