Category: Prints in Progress

Copperplate Etching, Aquatint • Intaglio
7” x 7” (paper size)
estimate edition: 60
© 2017 Fran Lee


Bunny-Hump-Ta-Bunny-Boo           Bunny-Hump-Ta-Bunny-Boo 2
4″ x 4.5″ Oil on wood
© 2017 Fran Lee


Painting on the left was stolen from a gallery wall the afternoon before the opening. (I was bummed, so I repainted it — painting on the right.) They think this guy just stuck it in his pocket and walked out of the gallery. If you find it, let me know. 


Plate ready to print after 7 dips in the acid.
1st etch: 5 sec. 2nd etch: 2.5 sec. 3rd etch: 2.5 sec. 4th etch: 10 sec.
5th etch: 7 sec. 6th etch: 7 sec. 7th etch: 30 min.

5th etch.

2nd etch.